September 16, 2014

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Check out this site for quality custom cabinets in Virginia Beach.

Questions and Answers

Where can i custom kitchen cabinet designs?

Giving me some ideas to customize good kitchen cabinet, and recommending some excellent manufacturer to me. Thanks.

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Here are two different resources you should consider. The first looks at the three major options when it comes to kitchen cabinets:


And this one is all about refacing your kitchen cabinets on a dime. It's a cool DIY project that you might not have considered:


Good luck!

Would you choose prefabricated or custom kitchen cabinets?

Posted by llanna
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Though custom can cost more in the beginning, it will cost you less in the end, beginning with the labor to install it. My boyfriend is a high end remodeler & has the most success with custom cabinets in installing them. It ends up costing the homeowner less in labor plus the durability of the lifetime of the cabinets. With the big box cabinets, the extra labor involved with installing them usually isn't worth the extra labor investment.

Kitchen cabinet advise?

I just put new floors in my kitchen and my cabinets don't match. My floors are badge and dark brown my cabinets i would say are like a cherry wood finish i don't want to replace them and don't want to sand them down and refinish them what are my options ? I need them too be darker brown is there any way i can glaze or stain them without sanding or stripping them down? Or should i just do what i have to do and sand them down? Really need some advise on what to do.

Posted by dartman
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It is best to replace the doors and drawer-fronts and refinish the rest to match or simply buy new doors and drawer-fronts and laminate the rest to match. Once you remove all the doors and drawers, you see there isn't that much left to refinish. When I bought my house the kitchen cabinets were horribly ugly but were custom built right on site. The frames, shelves and drawers were solid and higher quality than anything the aftermarket had to offer. I ordered new doors (custom made) glass on the upper cabinets and solid on the lower cabinets and new drawer-fronts. I refinished the fronts of the frames very easily and it looks great.


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